Global Light Technology has derived LEDs into the forefront of technology by introducing LED fixtures and LED Light control into the industrial and commercial marketplaces.

Customizing LED Light Products to our customers needs while saving them energy and money is our goal. Our LED products last up to 50000 hours which 50 times longer than the typical life of an incandescent bulb (1,000 hours) and 5 times that of the average compact florescent (CFL  10,000 hours).

Our customers benefit by choosing the traditional look of warm white lighting or the crisp cool white version that is the signature look of LED lighting. Materials and scientific advancements of LEDs allow LLT to produce fixtures with high color rendering without compromising the quality and brightness of the light; leaving our customers with high-efficiency natural looking light.

In keeping with our environmental outlook and to ensure maximum performance and life our products do not have easy to break filament and do not contain mercury.




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