13W LED Wall Light BABA Series

A great benefit of the BABA series lights are their eco friendly benefits. LED lights in general are some of the top eco-friendly flood lights on the market presently. They are usually an energy-efficient option to traditional incandescent bulbs, which consume approximately 90% of household energy used.

Integrated applications of LED light source, the unique circuit control design, reached a high efficiency and energy saving of more than 80%.

Ultra-high brightness, high color-rendering index, is the latest type of outdoor lighting products, long life (≥ 50,000 hours).



A Combination of different style of wall lamp that are suitable for Living room, family room, bathroom, Kitchen, stairs and Balcony. Simple, sleek and modern design, its elegant design is ideal for anyone who likes interior architectural to speak for itself.
There are several families of Wall lights. The images here reflect three of these families.

Input Voltage:                   90-305 Vac
Color Temperature:         3000K/4000K/5000K
Material:                            Aluminum and Iron
Fixture Color:                   White
Warranty:                          5 Years
Safety Approval:               UL, TUV & CE
Wireless:                            Some models have Bluetooth option


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