Knightor Series

A great benefit for the Knightor Series lights are their eco friendly benefits. It is usually an energy-efficient option to traditional incandescent bulbs, which consume approximately 90% of household energy used. This is a significant number which of course reflects in the electricity bills.

Integrated applications of LED light source, the unique circuit control design, reached a high efficiency and energy saving of more than 80%.

Ultra-high brightness, high color-rendering index, is the latest type of Inddor lighting products, long life (≥ 50,000 hours).



Input Voltage:                   90-305 Vac
Color Temperature:         3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
Material:                            Aluminum and Acrylic
Fixture Color:                   White
Warranty:                          5 Years
Safety Approval:               UL, TUV & CE
Wireless:                            Some models have Bluetooth option








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